First Date Ideas

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  • MyLipsofnefertit ( 23 / W / Ypsilanti, MI )

    Anything where we both are doing something we've never done, like a cooking class orrr actual real rock climbing or if more casual....Then like simply meeting at the arb in AA or a restaurant for sushi

  • Molelle ( 46 / W / Johannesburg, Gauteng )

    I would love to be swept off my feet

  • franklin1975 ( 41 / M / Canandaigua, NY )

    i love trying new things and tasting new new things so we could go somewhere and just let the chef pick what we have

  • designerguy61 ( 55 / M / Kennesaw, GA )

    Few things can tell you about personality than sharing interesting food. Its such a sensual experience and those of us who love complex flavors and spices, share that level of sensuousness in all aspects of our relations...  read more>>

  • Sadezj ( 52 / W / Toms River, NJ )

    I like to talk a lot on a first date....a meal followed by a stroll would be ideal, even if it was in a mall in inclement weather. An atmosphere where we could sit across from eachother would be ideal, so that we could s...  read more>>

  • EstherDutch ( 24 / W / Brisbane, Queensland )

    I know its cheesy but I really love Southbank, so getting some food somewhere and eating it in Southbank, with a city view.

  • tstreets7 ( 21 / W / Hampton, VA )

    - Beach Walks - Restaurants - Movies -Outdoor Activities

  • QueenD421 ( 25 / W / Washington, DC )

    I love to eat whether it's at home or away, I enjoy trying foods from different establishments from authentic mexican to rib shacks and soul food. I love to cook, I cook according to how me and someone I am with eat

  • virtuouswoman21 ( 28 / W / Rex, GA )

    out doors walking chatting getting to know more about each other

  • SweetNLyte ( 32 / W / Austin, TX )

    I would looove a quick bite to eat somewhere trying new foods I've never tried before; then a nice scary movie (matinee) to top off the perfect first date!

  • stormysepia ( 33 / W / Scarborough, ON )

    I dig food adventures. Whatever I have never tried, or a curious new take on an old classic. If there's a chance to try out a new culture's cuisine, I want the thing on the menu that seems the most foreign to me. If my p...  read more>>

  • qbeehive ( 36 / W / South Africa )


  • pamelajoragland7 ( 56 / W / Kennesaw, GA )

    Go to the mountains or on the lake. I love good food

  • hillyas ( 25 / W / Kampala )

    a hug and may be sit some where so carm for a cup of coffee or any drink. just can't wait for the day I will meet you.

  • Swirling4Love ( 56 / M / Fullerton, CA )

    We need to get to know each other 1st by chatting and calling before I would suggest meeting for our first date. I want to get to know your likes and dislikes then we both decide on a mutually agreed place. Or IF you wan...  read more>>

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